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Position Summary:

The International Ingredient Buyer is responsible for buying high quality feed ingredients including organic and specialty ingredients at the best available market price. Responsibilities include but are not limited to procurement, negotiation & purchasing, contract management, contract reconciliation, general market discovery and compliance assurance with trade and customs regulations.  This individual must ensure that procurement transactions maximize returns for Nutrify and its feed customers, while following company and customer risk management strategies. This position will work with the Nutrify team to ensure each mill location has adequate inventory to prevent outages.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Evaluate, develop, and onboard reliable suppliers, and sources of supply to support feed milling operations and business growth, utilizing the company Supplier Approval Process to build out a foreign origination and importation program which follows foreign exchange, customs requirements, and USDA and NOP requirements.   
  • Develop, communicate, manage, and execute detailed commodity and supply chain strategies that align with company risk management policies while delivering results to support corporate goals and objectives for each type of ingredient sourced.   Examples include Organic Ingredients, Micro ingredients, Raw Ingredients, Blended ingredients, both bulk and bagged. 
  • Purchase ingredients according to product specifications for the individual customer being served. 
  • Negotiates final terms and conditions of purchase and administer the procurement contract to conclusion. Maintain accurate lead times for transit and delivery of ingredient.  Issues purchase orders and agreements that accurately reflect price, schedule, terms, and conditions as negotiated with suppliers.
  • Understand and perform order entry, fulfillment, and international shipping processes with the required level of management to complete the task on time and error-free.
  • Manage vendor quality through evaluations and audits; and for select customer service arrangements, manage customer inventory. 
  • Work with team members and company resources to cost effectively manage offsite storage and transportation programs. 
  • Works with CPO to eliminate any additional supply chain costs for TWG as compared to the prevailing US national ingredient marketplace. 
  • Create concise market intelligence updates periodically including pricing trends, lead times, industry trends, benchmarks, and assess economic trends, risks, and opportunities.
  • Communicate daily with the required personnel to ensure that milling activities are not disrupted due to lack of ingredient inventory. 
  • Support supplier fitness analysis and risk assessment plans regarding quality and supplier performance measurements. Manage commodity inventories including direct ship and inventory purchases to ensure optimal profitability.
  • Mentor and develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities of other team members to create a competitive advantage for the business.
  • Support the development an external sales effort in the future if needed.


  • Experience in Import/Export of agricultural commodities and feed ingredients; applying GAFTA, OTA or other applicable trade rules. 
  • Knowledge of supply-demand economics relative to global feed ingredient procurement and sales
  • Ability to negotiate favorable contracts and to relate to needs of domestic and international agri-business people.
  • Ability to develop mutual trust and satisfaction with suppliers and customers.
  • Ability to maintain constructive, professional, and team-oriented working relationships with both internal and external team members.
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, communication skills, both verbal and written
  • BS Degree in Ag Business or related degree preferred. Equivalent combinations of education and experience will be considered.
  • Strong customer service commitment

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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